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The last three weeks. Take note of this all you first year "frosh" going into post secondary... the final three weeks will destroy you. Tonight I'll be burning midnight oil in order to complete assignments due in Theory, Improv, Form and Analysis, Arranging, Class Piano, and History. That is almost ALL of my classes, and it is ALL due on Friday. I've considered causing myself physical injury in order to have an excuse to not complete some things, though I'm not entirely sure that I would be capable of actually doing it in the end. I mean... I have a high threshold for pain, but not to the extent of causing lasting injury. (The worst I believe that I have done was dig out the base of a wart on the pad of my thumb with a pair of small scissors. I had no idea at the time how deep warts actually go.)

This all of course boils into everyone's favorite span of the year. The Christmas time holiday which bleeds into the new years holiday, which bleeds into Valentines day. Christmas I hate because I have no money to get things for people I care about. (Which in all reality isn't so bad, since I'm not entirely behind the belief that love should be demonstrated with material gifts) New years is always a drag because everyone is always out of town/invited to a part I am not/I am out of town and with no one I want to hang with. School gets underway again in January and then WHAM... everyone is in a furvor over Valentines day. What a great day THAT is. A day of the year when we can all rejoice in the grand display of EVERYONE in town revelling in the joy of man/woman companionship. In my face all day... couples being extra lovey dovey... almost as if they're rubbing that in your face. "You could have a partner too, but you still couldn't do this in public here and be immune to extra scrutiny!" This could be corrected had I wanted to live down in the West end... but I couldn't stand that either.

I know I'm not alone on this stuff... we need to come up with a holiday for us rejects that can be enjoyed by us!
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