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Hi, New Here..

Well, I really don't want to get into my "full story" right now. But I wanted to make a first post and all since I am new. I have been involved in a lot of abuse since the age of 8. I was sexually abused and had my innocence robbed of me at that time by my cousin, who I still see at family functions. That lasted a few years before I got the nerve to tell someone. I have been in highly abusive relationships sometimes years at a time, and It'll be 4 years on December 4th that I was violently raped. I am pretty strong and have did okay, but I still have my problems getting past it all, specially when I date new guys. If anyone would ever like to chat with me sometime though, I am pretty good to talk to and a very good listener. I also suffer from PMDD and I am Manic Depressive and im also borderline. I am right now, non medicated by choice and by doctors approval. Though I am depressed no matter what, even when I'm medicated. Right now I've been going through a very hard time, money issues and boyfriend issues but that's a long story and that's for another time.
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