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deuce_low's Journal

The Hand You've Been Dealt
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Yin and yang. Male and female. Black and white.

There's a duality to everything- like good days and bad days. deuce_low is a community for the bad days. As much as we'd like to forget them, we've all had the kind of day where it would have been better to just stay in bed. Instead of bottling it up or venting it in your personal LJ, though, this is a place to exorcise all those demons.

Anything you want to post is fine- just take a deep breath... and exhale.

Note (1): This community is about venting frustration about personal problems, societal problems, or just life in general. It is not a place for personal attacks. Yes, people might piss you off, but if you have a beef with another LJ user, work it out with them. You make the world a better place and no Domo-kun need die for your selfishness.

Note (2): The interests for this community are disinterests- things that just put you in a funk. If you have any to add, just email whitcomb at whitcomb_nospam@livejournal_nospam.com. Additionally, if you'd like to help a brother out with some HTML sk1llz, it'd be much appreciated.

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